Mar 312013
“In the wild, you’ll find Pearl Platypus eggs inside giant clams on the ocean floor of the continental shelf. To the dismay of pearl divers, these eggs look very much like giant pearls. Too often, pearl divers open a giant clam hoping for a big score, only to get a pearl beak clamped around their hand.” 
Monster Story: Pearl Platypus Monster 

Monster Story Pearl Platypus Monster
Monster Story Diamond elementMonster Story White Element

Rarity: Ultra Rare
Hatching Time: 32 Hours
Buying Price:  2400Monster Story Gold icon
Selling Price: 100 Monster Story Coin icon
Habitat: White/Diamond Habitat
Level Requirement: 12
Evolution Time: 32 Hours

Half Diamond, Half White, this Pearl Platypus Monster will blend right into your Monster Story island like no other. Just when you thought you have bred every monster in the game, this Pearl Platypus Monster challenges to breed for another diamond hybrid.

Monster Story: Pearl Platypus Monster breeding guide

If you want to breed the Pearl Platypus Monster, you need to breed a White element monster with a Diamond element monster. This is because the Pearl Platypus in Monster Story is a combination of Diamond and White element monsters.

The monster takes 34 hours to breed and hatch. The evolution time for the monster is also 40 hours.

Recommended Combination: Shell Lizard Monster and Diamond Pegasus

About breeding monsters

Keep in mind that breeding monsters in Monster Story is solely up to your chance in the game. If you see the correct breeding or hatching time then you have a good chance that it is the monster you are looking at on this page.

If it is not the right hatching time then be sure to continue to breed until successful. Keep in mind that the rarity of the monster also plays a role in your breeding process.

Monster Story: Pearl Platypus Monster Evolution Guide

The Pearl Platypus Monster Evolution is based into multiple stages, and the monsters in Monster Story evolves according to the matrix of feeding your monster with Food grown and harvested in your Monster Story app game.

The stages in Monster Story for the Pearl Platypus Monster are Teen, Adult, and Epic forms. The beginning form is also better known as the “baby” form of your monster and you will see that form when you first hatch the Pearl Platypus Monster from its egg.

Egg – BWhite from Cross-breeding or purchases
Baby- Form hatched from Egg
Teen – After using the Evolution Totem at the end of level 3
Adult – After using the Evolution Totem at the end of level 6
Epic – After using the Evolution Totem at the end of level 9

Monster Story: Pearl Platypus Monster Earnings Per Hour

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  820 Level 6  3,936
Level 2  1,312 Level 7  4,674
Level 3  1,722 Level 8  5,289
Level 4  2,460 Level 9  5,904
Level 5  3,198 Level 10  6,560

 Food Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  2 Level 6  260
Level 2  10 Level 7  650
Level 3  20 Level 8  1300
Level 4  55 Level 9  2500
Level 5  130 Level 10 Max

Mar 162013
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